"Okeanis" products

Deli-Fish S.A. introduced firstly in Greece the  traditional black plastic trays in which its products are packed, from the beggining of its life. Recently Deli-Fish developed the new type of packages with the brand name "Okeanis" which are sealed vacuum packed with a lid on top for bigger safety in the transportation and storage of its products in our clients refridgerators.

Εδρα: Κυδωνιών 1, Θεσσαλονίκη,Ελλάδα. Εργοστάσιο: Λιμνότοπος Πολυκάστρου Κιλκίς, T: 0030-2310-426032 F: 0030-2310-403568

Head Office: 1 Kydonion street, Thessaloniki Greece, Factory: Limnotopos Polykastrou Kilkis, T: 0030-23430-24097F: 0030-23430-20097