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Πιστοποιητικό FSSC 22000 GR-1.png
Πολιτική Ποιότητας και Ασφάλειας Deli-fi

Since 2015, Deli-Fish S.A., has been certified with FSSC 22000, for the procution and process of seafood products, following essentially and strictly the European and International standards of hygiene and quality for food during the whole production procedures from the receipt of the raw materials till the final distribution of its products to the final consumers. Basic criteria for the choice of the raw materials that our company uses, for the production of our final products, is the quality specifications that havebeen adapted according to our specialized knowledge in combination with the European and  International Standards. The transportation of the raw materials to Deli-Fish facililities, is made in control temperature with refridgerator trucks. Each receipt of raw material, is completed after detailedvisual, organoleptic, chemical and microbiological controls in order to secure the quality of our final products. In addition all raw materials are accompanied with the necessary certifications from the public and not only ministries.

Πολιτική Ποιότητας και Ασφάλειας Deli-fi

Quality Awards

Deli-fish Smoked mackerel fillet with or
Deli-fish marinated anchovies in sunflow
Deli-fish Smoked sea pastrami in sunflow

In June 2020, Deli-Fish participated with three (3) of its products to the competition MTA 2020 (Mediterranean Taste Awards 2020, for which products was nominated by prominent chefs for their quality and flavor.

More specific, Deli-Fish products were nominated: 

  1. Gold Award for 1st place for the product Smoked mackerel in sunflower oil

  2. Gold Award for 1st place for the product Marinated anchovy fillet in sunflower oil

  3. Silver Award for 2nd place for the product Smoked seafood pastrami in sunflower oil

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